The European Music Masterclasses offer a differentiated teaching, adapted to each pedagogical project. Teachers provide individual instrument lessons, which may be supplemented by group sessions. Students can attend all the other courses, with the agreement of the teacher.

Pianists housed by the academies have a practicing piano studio for two students (about 6h/day each). Other musicians housed may work in their lodging place (8h/22h every day). High level accompanists are at their disposal. Beware, for reasons related to the size of the building, external students who wish to practice their instrument in the conservatoire must subscribe to the option "Acces to practicing studios for not housed".

All students undertake to respect the usual rules of the Nancy conservatoire.

The European Music Masterclasses organize daily public concerts (300 seats auditorium) and public auditions by the end of the session.



Chamber music (1st & 2nd Sessions)
Teaching is directed by teachers of the european Music Masterclasses. The european Music Masterclasses constitute the groups according to levels, ages and possible wishes of students. Students are informed by email during the month of June. They can then contact their partners to define their repertoire.

Piano-Lied workshop (2nd Session - introduction & intensive)
This workshop is intended to pianists, singers and piano-voice duets. The work will focus on technical realization, in constant link with knowledge and understanding of the text. students work in depth on interpretation, phrasing, diction, voice-piano articulation, color, stage presence... The workshop will be lead by David Selig for 2nd session.

Piano sight-reading (1st & 2nd Sessions - introduction & intensive)
This workshop will deal with accompaniment of singers and instrumentists, sight-reading of musical works through practical exercises and scenarios. A work on harmony and transposition can also be proposed. The workshop will be lead by Michaël Ertzscheid or 1st session and Claude Bessmann for 2nd session.

Piano accompaniment (1st & 2nd Session - introduction & intensive)
This workshop will be lead by Michaël Ertzscheid for session 1 and David Selig for session 2, for piano students, wishing a first approach of accompaniment tools or to go into this knowledge in depth... sight-reading, reductions (choirs, quartets...), transposition, keayboard harmony, accompaniment in ensemble work, to be able to lead, listen and understand quickly new scores.

Nancyphonies music festival
From July 8th to August 30th, the greatest artists invite you to an intense journey with many faces. Admission to the concerts is free Nancyphonies for all trainees of academies (subject to availability).
Full program on the website

Cancellation insurance
To register with serenity, the European Music Masterclasses offer a suitable cancellation insurance. ABG, a specialized agency, guarantees the events that could force you to cancel your registration or to interrupt your training. Details of the terms of the insurance in the general conditions of sale. (+ € 25)


Where can I practice my instrument?

You are a housed pianist
, access to piano praticing rooms in the conservatoire is free (8 am to 8:45 pm, about 2 pianists/studio).
You are a housed instrumentist or singer
, you can practice in your lodging place from 8am to 10pm.
You are not housed,
access to piano practicing studios in the conservatoire is a charge of € 100 (8 am to 8:45 pm, about 2 pianists/studio).


Different musicians, different possibilities

- Passionate musicians

Get advices from the greatest teachers to prepare your competition, deepen your technique and your interpretation, expand your repertoire andperform chamber music.

- Under 18 musicians : professional and adapted to young musicians supervision
Summer camp is approved by the French Ministry of Youth and Sports.

- Visiting student
Watch, listen, learn and understand. By registering you can attend free public lectures and courses offered by different teachers, subject to their agreement.
Visiting student status provides free access to Nancyphonies concerts for the chosen period (subject to availability).