Piano | CRR de Grenoble


Sandra CHAMOUX was taught by pianist Christian BERNARD. In his class, she received the highest awards in the Conservatoire National de Région de Grenoble.
While pursuing a higher education, she entered the Conservatoire Supérieur de Musique in Geneva, where she obtained the first prize of virtuosity in the class of Harry DATYNER.
She participated in many masterclasses with Catherine COLLARD, Michel BEROFF, Vlado PERLEMUTER when it comes to the French school, and Michael VOSKRESSENSKY and Yevgeni MALININ as for the Russian school. She is a recipient of the Busoni and Vercelli competitions.
Simultaneously, she started an artistic and teaching career and obtains a degree for professor of artistic teaching at a very young age. She took part in elaborating a teaching method for the piano published at Lemoine (Pianoland) by recording 5 CDs.
She currently holds the position of piano professor at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional in Grenoble, thus succeeding her teacher Christian Bernard.
She offers masterclasses every year at the Académies internationales d'été de Nancy.
She pursues an artistic career as a soloist and also as part of chamber music groups in France, in a variety of European countries, in the United States and soon in China and Japan.
She cofounded the Trio Athena alongside Philippe Tournier and Frédéric Bouaniche with whom she recorded a CD dedicated to Debussy and Beethoven.
Composers Jean-Claude WOLFF (Trio “Requiem”) and Claire VAZART (“Libertrio”) composed two trios that they performed as a world premiere. She performed the premiere of “Sonate Ostinato” by Claire Vazart, which was dedicated to her. She will soon record it with a cycle of melodies.
She also recorded live the second concerto by Rachmaninoff.
In 2012 she founded the Liberquartet with Jean-Luc Manca (accordion), Jean-Michel Danet (violin) and Olivier Destephany (bass) specialized in Astor Piazzolla's work.
She performs regularly along with cellist Hélène Dautry et will soon record the two cello and piano sonata by Brahms for Lyrinx record company.
She is also a member of the committee of artistic direction of Musée en Musique, an association of concerts at the museum of Grenoble.
She performs with many partners such as Michel MORAGUES, Sonia WIEDER-ATHERTON, Marie-Annick NICOLAS, string quartet ARCATA, singers of the opera-boat, Patrice FONTANAROSA, Florence CIOCCOLANI, Romain LELEU, Hélène DAUTRY...
She performed under the conducting of Patrick SOUILLOT, Nathalie BORGEL, Frédéric BOUANICHE, Jean-Sébastien BEREAU...
She performs in Germany (Albstadt, Constanz, Stuttgart, Munich, Essen), the United States (Providence, Rhode Island), Italy (Trieste), Portugal (Lisbon), in Tchecoslovakia (Prague). In France : Festival romantique du Bourget du Lac, Lyon, Annecy, Chambéry, Grenoble, Grésivaudan festival, Colmar festival, Mulhouse, Saint-Dié, Sète, Avignon, Metz, Remiremont, Nancy, Epinal, Troyes, Grignan castle, Suze la Rousse castle, Nuits Musicales du Tricastin…
Frédéric LODEON invited her to his radio show « Carrefour de Lodéon » live on France-Inter and during a conference by Martine Cadieu (broadcasted on France-Musiques) on Debussy.
The following orchestras invited her:
Orchestre Lyon région, orchestre symphonique de Timisoara, Ensemble instrumental de Grenoble, orchestre des Pays de Savoie, orchestre symphonique du pole Européen, orchestre symphonique du festival de l'abbaye de Valmagne, orchestre des campus de Grenoble, orchestre symphonique Symphonia Médica...